The McLaren F1 is perfect enough, but this one for sale is even more so


Here are some words to make your wallet feel light as a feather.

There is another 1997 McLaren F1 for sale, and this one has never been owned, registered, or driven off the lot. It's perfect.

The car is up for sale by Tom Hartley Jnr, but don't expect to be able to snatch it up with a sweet financing deal. The whole offer screams enigmatic elitism. You'll have to inquire to even find out how much the F1 is going for.

While very few of us will ever be able to afford this work of art, which is chassis #60 by the way, someone needs to by it and drive the ever-loving mess out of it. Track day is every day; if you bought it, you can probably afford the habit.


A quick side request, please do an unwrapping video, for all of us poor folks.

By the way, if the car isn't enough for you to justify the undoubtedly high price, it comes with a watch.

H/T Jalopnik

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