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Danny Koker and His Crew Turned This '67 Chevy Impala Into a Beautiful Custom Ride


Those who have been following Counting Cars since it first aired in 2012 are already aware of Danny "The Count" Koker's very enviable talent. Well, besides bringing cars and motorcycles back from stages of advanced rust and turning them into one-of-a-kind works of art.

You see, Danny has the strange talent for spotting super sweet, awesome, clean collectible cars on the streets, while he's just cruising around Las Vegas with his team. Then, by some act of magic persuasion, he convinces drivers to pull over to talk to him about their car, and makes them a cash offer, right on the spot. That's right -- The Count can talk folks out of their cars, right there on the street.

One such vehicle is this super clean 1967 Chevy Impala.


It turns out, Danny has actually had his eye on this vehicle for a while. It is pretty hard to miss, with its custom blue-and-white exterior. The interior, which seems to have been inspired by a combination of The Muppets and Huggy Bear Brown from Starsky & Hutch, was actually completed by The Count's own upholsterer, Paul.

1967 was a great year for the Impala, as this car demonstrates. Curves on the roof, curves on the fenders, curves on the quarter panels. It was intended to be sexy, and it succeeded.

The Count frequently has trouble parting ways with some of his more gorgeous creations, but he swears this beauty is going to be given to one of the local Las Vegas casinos as a top prize. But first, he has to decide what to do with it.

What would you do? Total makeover? Un-Muppet the interior? Or leave her mostly alone to shine like the unique diamond she is? Furthermore, how much would you risk at the casino tables for the chance to drive her home?


Check out the above clip to watch what the guys on Counting Cars ultimately decided to do for this completely custom muscle car icon.

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