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Danny Koker and the Count's Kustoms Guys Worked Their Magic on This '74 Ford F100


The shop guys on Counting Cars like to razz Danny "The Count" Koker for his inability to let go of some of the freshly restored beauties that roll through his shop.

Each Count's Kustoms creation has a little bit of Danny's heart and soul in it, which is why it's so hard for him to sell the cars, trucks, and motorcycles he works on. Still, the self-taught mechanic and restoration expert understands that he is running a business, and selling is the key to buying more.

Take, for example, this 1974 Ford F100. Danny sourced this blank canvas from one of his buddies, and it was an easy sell. The Ford F-series has been an American classic since the line rolled out in 1948. With a big-block 460 under the hood, this particular F100 has loads of potential.


The guys have no trouble making this particular specimen look wicked cool. The team knocked off the big bumpers to make this truck less work and more play, adding rocket wheels and drag tires to take it back to its retro roots. Of course, the big-block 460 was brought back to full form, making this a piece any collector would be proud to drive.

The problem comes when Kevin, the general manager at Count's Kustoms, decides it's time to sell this gorgeous '74 truck. He's got just the guy in mind, but with Danny's ability to instantly fall in love with everything that comes through the shop, he has to act fast. Even better, he's got a guy who's looking for exactly this truck.

What could be better? Guy needs a 1970s Ford F-series. Kevin has a freshly restored 1974 F100. Seems like it's all in the books, right? There's just one thing...Danny doesn't know about this deal.

Will Kevin manage to off-load the truck without Danny interrupting the deal? Watch the clip above to find out the fate of this '74 F100. And, be sure to check out the restoration. Would you vote yay or nay to this understated street-rod inspired truck?


This post was originally published on April 24, 2021.

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