Watch Kurt Busch get bombarded with trivia while getting in a few laps on the simulator


NBC Sports decided to put Kurt Busch's NASCAR and overall sports knowledge to the test while he prepared for Sunday's Overton's 301 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

Busch ran five laps in the iRacing simulator while Parker Kligerman quizzed him with various questions about sports and pop culture while Busch ran five laps on the simulator. The questions ranged from NASCAR, to Major League Baseball, to Star Wars, and even Saved By the Bell.

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Busch answered 17 questions correctly during the five laps, which is pretty impressive considering the simulator is difficult and the questions weren't exactly easy (not many people likely know what Richmond Raceway was initially called).

Busch was quizzed about his own history and finishes at certain tracks, including his many second-place finishes at Daytona before winning this season.

Luckily for Busch, he won't have to answer any trivia questions when is driving the real thing. Busch has already qualified for the postseason, but is always looking for one more win.

(h/t NBC Sports)