[VIDEO] SEMA 2016 - Chevy Unveils New Autocross Turbo Camaro Concept

Chevrolet's latest entry to the Camaro pantheon is a mouthful. Called the Camaro LTG 2.0L Turbo Auxo X Concept, that is basically a lot of manufacturer classification for "this sucker is autocross ready out of the box." It features a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine, which boasts 275 horsies, and the turbocharger allows it to access most of its 295-foot-pounds of torque really early on the dial. It's got a really maneuverable suspension and similar Brembo brake package to what you may find on the rival Hellcat. That, and the whole car is significantly lowered thanks to some performance stabilizers and springs, which make the overall airflow of the car take full advantage of the front splitter and rear diffuser kits, meaning faster track times and better downforce.