NASCAR driver is chasing two championships this month

Trevor Huddleston has an opportunity for perhaps the biggest month of his racing career.

The 21-year-old has the chance to capture two championships this month. The first is Saturday night at Irwindale Speedway, and the other is national championship for the NASCAR Whelan All-American Series.

Huddleston has 11 wins in the Late Model Division, and he is aiming for his 12th victory on Saturday night to extend his 68-point lead over teammate Dylan Garner.

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"High Point Racing and Racecar Factory this whole year have been giving me great cars," Huddleston said via the Daily Breeze. "We're very happy to be in the top spot right now.

"We've just got to keep doing what we're doing and get more than 18 wins. I think we have about five races at Irwindale and then we have about four races at Kern County within the next four weeks. We're going to be going anywhere we can to get those points and the full car counts. That's key."

In 2016, Huddleston finished in sixth in the national standings. He said he wants to finish the season on a strong note to win a championship.

"Our main focus is going to be California because it's the closest and easiest for us," Huddleston said. "If an opportunity presents itself and we have nowhere to race ... whatever happens we will definitely make the trek to wherever we have to go to get those points, whether it be Utah, Colorado or anywhere that's got a NASCAR track that has a good car count."

Huddleston has 20 wins in 30 starts at three Southwest tracks including Irwindale, and a win on Saturday night would certainly be a major boost to his already impressive season.

(h/t Daily Breeze)