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Driver's family shaken after prized memorabilia was stolen for the second time


After returning from the Rolex 24 without a victory to find out his home had been burglarized, IndyCar driver Townsend Bell had the weekend from hell.

In the burglary some of his prized possessions were stolen including his starter rings from the 10 Indy 500's he's raced in, as well as his 2014 Daytona Rolex for winning the endurance race. He understands that by now the odds of him getting his things back are pretty slim, but he said his family is bit shaken up by it all, according to

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To make matters worse this is the second time Townsend has had the Rolex stolen from him. Immediately after winning the Rolex 24 in 2014 an officiating error led to the watches for winning the race being awarded to Flying Lizard Motorsports. But after an IMSA correction the watches were given to Bell and his Level 5 Motorsports teammates.


"It was stolen once in the immediate aftermath, and once in an actual burglary," Bell said with a laugh. "But everyone's been terrific in trying to help, and we've done our collective best to try and get everything back."

"But it is just stuff, the real reason we do this is for the chance to compete, and that can never be taken from you," Bell added. "Life goes on and on we go."

As of now there is no further information known but we will update the story as details become available.