This is the best selling sports car on Earth



Being the best in the country at anything is tough, but the best in the entire world? Now that's something. There are 195 countries in the world, so you'd have some company competing for that "best" title.

Ford has laid claim to the "best in the world" title with the Mustang. It is the best-selling sports car on the planet, based on an analysis of HIS Markit global automotive registration data in the sports car segment.


In a press release, Ford listed an impressive number of accomplishments, that include:

  • The Mustang is now available in 140 countries world-wide, and six more countries will be added this year
  • Global sales were up 6 percent in 2016, fueling the Mustang's growth
  • Ford has shipped 95,000 Mustangs outside of the United States since 2015

"The legacy of Mustang continues to grow, and in places it never reached before," Mark Schaller, Ford Mustang marketing manager, said in the press release. "We continue to make it available in new markets, and drivers in those markets continue to respond with resounding approval."

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