This amazing Infiniti Q60 Black S has tech pulled straight from Formula 1

Talk about a tease.

Infiniti partnered with the Renault Sports Formula One Team to produce the Infiniti Q60 Black S, a sleek looking car that takes power to another level. Its 500 HP Q60 has performance-hybrid technology inspired by the Renault team - in other words, F1 tech.

Even with all that power, it's the new energy recovery system that's going to turn heads. It's the same system in this year's Formula 1 cars, and it's energy collection system is breathtaking, The KERS system collects energy in two ways - from the exhaust and when the driver brakes. That energy gets collects, stored in lithium-ion batteries, and, as Auto Express notes, "is then used to spin the turbocharges turbine shaft or directly send drive to the transmission."

But don't get too excited. The Infiniti is a concept car, so that means it may never see production.

You will be able to see it at next week's Geneva Car show, and salivate over what could be.

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