Earthroamer Camper

This $1.5 Million Earthroamer Camper Combines Luxury with the Great Outdoors


Campers are fantastic utilitarian vehicles, but you will never see one like the Earthroamer XV HD. The Earthroamer XV HD is quite possibly the most rugged, luxurious RV you have ever encountered. The features on this camper are unbelievable.

To create the XV HD, Earthroamer started with a 4 wheel drive Ford F-750 truck and added a camper portion that sleeps six in style.

The vehicle's 6.7 liter Powerstroke engine, 46 inch Michelin tires with Fox shocks and hydraulic leveling means that the XV HD can go off-roading and take its owner just about anywhere.

The RV has an ensuite bedroom, and a privacy door keeps it separate from the rest of the cabin. A king sized bed over the driver's seat is accessible through a pull-out staircase, and the shower has beautiful marble tile and a glass door.


There are two flat-screens, one in the bedroom and one in the living area. There is also a security monitor that transmits video from the exterior security cameras.

The kitchen boasts a glass cooktop and a refrigerator freezer drawer and ample pantry storage space.

There is even a washer/dryer combo hiding in a cabinet.

The dining table has a telescoping function that allows it to sit up at dining height or coffee table height. It can also sit low to convert into a king-sized bed.


And that's just the inside.

There are also solar panels outside, which means the camper doesn't need a power hook up to have electricity. In addition to that, there's a retractable awning and a pull-out exterior kitchen. An outdoor shower makes it easy to rinse off from your adventuring before setting foot in your super-awesome dream camper.

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