The Toyota FT-4X is a weekend warrior's dream


It takes a while for the looks to grow on you, but once they do, you find yourself seriously lusting after this spunky, compact, four-wheel drive Toyota.

Let's get one thing out of the way. The FT-4X is loud, but it's got some bravado to match its kinda dorky charm. The FT-4X is that guy from accounting that actually re-traced Sir Edmund Hillary's route up Mt. Everest before taking a selfie with old Green Boots on the way down.

The FT-4X is a rolling rucksack. Need a sleeping bag? Boom, your armrest is exactly that, and it's made by The North Face. Feeling dehydrated? No excuses! Your door handles are water bottles. The list goes on forever. There's a GoPro in the driver's side mirror, the radio is detachable and portable, the dome light is a flashlight. It's like REI opened up inside your garage.


Unfortunately, this concept will almost certainly not reflect the final product, if the FT-4X even gets made. If it does, it'll probably also cost gobs of cash, but, boy, do I want one. I might take it in charcoal grey or forest green instead though.

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