The Ford Mustang and the Focus RS have the best sibling rivalry

Mustangs can't catch a break. Ford's premiere sports car has found itself glued to the worst kinds of drivers, the ones who just can't. It's sad, especially since the Mustang started out as the perfect example of muscle car performance and cool.

But 1981 is long past, and with it, the prime year of the Ford Mustang. Now it's all sharp angles and sudden stops into solid objects. The Mustang seems to be in it's twilight years, slowly fading out of relevance.

Nowhere was it more obvious than on New Jersey's Island Dragway, when an 8-cylinder, 536 hp GT350 was nearly beat by 350 hp 4-cylinder Ford Focus RS. It should be noted that the end result of the race was probably more the driver's fault than the Mustang's. In a straight line, the car has a clear advantage. It has clocked a quarter mile in 12.5 seconds.

Again, this Mustang was driven by a less experienced driver against a solid one in Focus. Plus, the RS is nothing to smirk at.

The Mustang won, barely, finishing the quarter mile in 13.17 seconds. Holding of the march of time just a little bit longer.

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