The force is really with you when you ride in the insane Bugatti Chiron


The force is really with you when you ride the Bugatti Chiron. That force comes from a W16 engine to get you up to record speed and then eight and six piston brake calipers to get you back down safely.

First, the Bugatti Chiron has already reached a higher top speed than any other Le Man's racer - and that was by 23 MPH.

But if that wasn't enough, check this:


Yep. That is accelerating to 250 mph from a standstill, and then coming to a complete stop again in less than a minute. The force is definitely with you. As the YouTube video says,  it'll "Take your breathe away and you'll giggle like a kid on a roller coaster."

And when might this beauty  be available to the public?


Two words. Can't. Wait.

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