The Dodge Demon's incredible 0-60 time explained

All-wheel drive cars are on notice. The days of the Nissan GTR and dual motor Tesla's hogging all the 0-60 mph trophies are over.  Well at least at the drag strip. Dodge has finally equipped a high power rear-wheel drive car with the proper tires and suspension to dominate the ever-so-popular 1/4 mile test.

In this video, Jason Fenske of Engineering Explained breaks it down for us including everything from tires to suspension to a sweet drawing of the Challenger Demon body.

If you've been around drag racing at all, you will realize that what Dodge has done to make this car an all out drag racing monster is really not new.  What is different and so impressive is that it's all stock. They used rear drag radials made by Nitto.  The suspension is tweaked in a familiar fashion. Firm up the rear, loosen the front rebound while leaving compression firm and lower the spring rate. The goal is to transfer as much weight to those sticky rear tires as possible and the Demon does exactly that to achieve its insane 2.3 second 0-60 blast.

In the video, Jason also speaks of the crazy 1.8 g the Demon is able to pull while accelerating. With that amount of force, you can bet on one thing: Awesome Demon acceleration reaction videos are coming.

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