Tesla beware, Lucid Air prototype's 217 mph limiter will soon come off


Total speed-freaks and environmentalist darlings Lucid have moved on from insane snow drifting to insane speeds with their speed car prototype for the Air. And, oh boy, it is quick!

The folks over at Lucid ran a test on a 7.3 mile track in Ohio, with the Air limited to 217 mph. Apparently that is just the beginning too, because they said they'd be using the data from this run to test the car at even higher speeds!

Lucid's CTO is Peter Rawlinson, chief engineer for the Tesla Model S, and his team is positioning themselves to be Elon Musk's chief rival. Of course, the only way to settle this fight will be a battle-royal race to the death on the Nürburgring, but until then, I'm pretty sold on team Lucid.

The Air will have a pretty big price range with models below $60,000 to as high as $100,000 for the amazing 1,000hp beast versions.


Now, how to write off one of these as a business expense when they debut in 2019 . . .

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