Steven Tyler Kia Commercial via YouTube

A music legend turns racecar driver in a much-anticipated Super Bowl ad

If you're a fan of rock star Steve Tyler, you've got to love the new Super Bowl ad from Kia posted on YouTube.

I'll admit that Tyler has aged, um...well, a little rough. His first close-up shots make him look like Captain Jack Sparrow's long-lost father. But the commercial builds beautifully with Aerosmith's faint "Dream On" playing as a backdrop to a small, dusty racetrack in the middle of nowhere.

This, of course, is all to promote Kia's newest entry, the 365-HP Stinger GT. As looks go, the car fares better than Tyler, but there's nothing especially grabbing about the design.

To non-music fans, many may not recognize Tyler. For non-race fans, you won't even notice Indy 500 and Formula 1 champ Emerson Fittipaldi is the one waiting to race Tyler. Together, the two men represent giants in their respective fields.

As Fittipaldi watches, Tyler revs the engine, then throws the car into reverse, racing around the track at high speed as lightning flashes and a clock goes backward. The symbolism is clear as the music builds to the classic climax and a youthful Tyler emerges from the car.

As commercials go, this one should be a favorite. At least it is in my book.