Clint Bowyer goes on profane rant during Richmond: "NASCAR is a (expletive)!"

What NASCAR fan doesn't like a bit of drama? It was certainly overflowing at the Federated Auto Parts
400 last Saturday in Richmond.

Cautions and wrecks and an errant ambulance lent to some interesting post-race comments from
drivers, but it's the comments during the race, as reported by Jerry Bonkowski of NBC Sports, which are
probably the most interesting...definitely the most entertaining.

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The use of cautions seemed to cause ire among several, as evidenced in the comments made over the teams' two-way radios about the caution called for smoke coming from Matt Kenseth's tires:

"Dumbest caution ever," said Jimmie Johnson's crew chief, Chad Knaus. Driver Kyle Busch chimed in,
"Really, you had a guy in the fence last week and you keep it green? Hah!"

Ironically, it was another caution that led to an ambulance stopping at the entrance to pit road and
causing several drivers to swerve and Kenseth and Clint Bowyer to collide. Bowyer was not shy over the
radio and provided the most colorful commentary of the night:

"That stupid (expletive). We got (expletive) damage. NASCAR is a (expletive). An ambulance is in the
damn pit. What the (expletive). This is ridiculous."

Despite his rant, Bowyer was able to stay in the race, Kenseth was done for the night. There's still no
clear explanation from NASCAR as to why the ambulance was stopped.

You can hear more comments in the video above.