NASCAR addresses dangerous fiasco when an ambulance blocked pit row at Richmond


NASCAR blamed Saturday's potentially dangerous incident on ambulance personnel who didn't follow orders.

Scott Miller, the senior vice president of competition, told reporters after the race: "We had a situation where a directive was given from the tower and it wasn't followed, and we'll do our due diligence why it wasn't followed and make sure that we're prepared to never make that mistake again."

The incident caused utter chaos on the track.


A wreck between Danica Patrick and Austin Dillon caused the ambulance to make its way on the track, but the ambulance wasn't supposed to be there when the drivers made their way back around. It caused a wreck between two drivers attempting to make the playoffs.

Matt Kenseth didn't see the ambulance, and he ran into the back of Clint Bowyer's car. Kenseth's radiator was damaged, and the front end of Bowyer's car was damaged.

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Bowyer returned to the race, but Kenseth's car was taken to the garage. He told NBC Sports after he went to the garage that he couldn't get stopped before the collision.

"We were all just coming to pit road and I saw an ambulance sitting there," Kenseth said. "Everybody was stopping and I just couldn't get stopped. I didn't see it in time and ran into the car in front of me."

Kenseth was in the playoff field before the race started, but he might miss the cut if a winless driver wins at Richmond.

"It is a very strange thing," Miller said. "The track workers are usually very, very good at following the directives and tonight they didn't.''