The TANK takes all-terrain vehicles to a whole new level

All you millionaire preppers will soon have another toy to fool around with. Rezvani, yes that Rezvani, is taking a break from it's normal sports car shenanigans to produce an unnecessarily robust all-terrain vehicle, appropriately named the Tank.

The California luxury-auto company is marketing the Tank as the first true tactical vehicle built for civilian use, which is great if your daily commute has you driving through a war zone.

And in case this didn't already look enough like GTA V dlc, it comes with an option for ballistic armor. Yes, Rezvani is selling a car that you can get shot at in. You know, but don't do any crimes in it or anything . . . .

The truck has all of the normal military-esque features that one might expect: angular lines, impractically small windows, and extra chunky tires.

Under the hood the Tank has a 6.4 liter, 500 HP V8 engine that pushes the four-wheel drive montrosity over any obstacles.

Oh, and its only $178,000 --  before the added body armor.