Proteus C-Type Jaguar Is The Modern Car With An Ancient Look


Proteus is the imprint of Advanced Manufacturing in England, where they bring the spirit of the past to Jaguar C-Types. Each Proteus shell is removed from its casting then meticulously sculpted, sanded, painted, finished, and polished all by hand, which shows in their near-immaculate presentation. The other body components like the small doors or the fenders are also tooled by hand and with the use of an English wheel for uniformly shaping the metal. Proteus also recently invested in a fifteen ton model mold to bring the unique open-top roadster design of their Proteus body shells to life, at half the time and material cost. This takes a complex piece like the hood, normally about twenty pieces when built by hand, down to just two.


After the body has been constructed, they move them to Proteus' manufacturing proper, at shop called Henley's, where they start with a 4.2-liter Jaguar XK V6, then add a custom ECU, hand-built exhaust, intake, Bosch fuel injection and wire-throttle, and custom suspension and drivetrain. Following almost a thousand hours of work between only a few sets of hands, the Proteus C-Type, available for just south of $200,000 is the answer to the question: have you been looking for a modern performance British roadster, with classic style and curb appeal? With the artisan-crafted Proteus, you have all of that and more.