Furious IndyCar driver rips the person selected to represent women in racing


This is awkward.

Pippa Mann, who  races in the Verizon IndyCar series, is livid that FIA has named Carmen Jorda to the Women In Motorsport Commission.

And, livid may not go far enough.

Dear FIA: If the news I am hearing is correct, you have appointed a racer with no notable results, who does not believe we compete as equals in this sport. to represent women in racing. I am incredibly disappointed.


Jorda is a reserve driver for Renault Sport Formula One.  Mann is apparently referring to an interview Jorda gave in 2015 to a German publication in which she said men and women shouldn't compete on the same track. She advocates for separate races.

"It is not fair that women have to participate in the same championship as men, so women can never become world champions," she was quoted as saying. I think we deserve a chance to achieve that, and in almost all sports you have separate competitions for women and men. Tennis, skiing, you name it."

Mann has been far more successful on the race track. In her one year racing IndyCar -- in 2010 ---Jorda never finished higher than 10th in her five races. Mann, that same year, had three pole positions, two podiums, won one race and finished fifth in the championship.

For her part, Jorda said she's excited about the opportunity.