The only full-time Cup driver without a social media account won’t start now

NASCAR, with its stable of millennial and slightly older drivers, has fully embraced all that is good and healthy about social media. Twitter and Facebook and Vine and Instagram...these guys are all over it, minus one.

Paul Menard is making it clear that he's a driver. Not a tweeter, not a poster. Anyone looking to get a status update on the 37-year-old prepare to be disappointed. reports Menard is adamant about staying digital free, especially Twitter.

"That is never going to happen. I would retire before that happens," said Menard.

Menard is stubbornly the only full-time Cup driver without a social media presence. Kind of hard to imagine these days when it's almost a given. The power of keeping connected with NASCAR fans is undeniable but seems like the owners of Wood Brothers Racing aren't pushing it. Still, not even a Facebook page?

"Yeah, there is so much cool stuff in this world that you can go do and see," Menard said. "I don't think you have to be on your phone to do that."