Ryan Blaney by Sarah Crabill Getty Images

Ryan Blaney seemingly confirms news that has social media on fire

Not sure I would call this little item about Ryan Blaney "news" but it certainly has grabbed a lot of attention.

Coming off his test run around Texas Motor Speedway Tuesday morning, there could be a myriad of topics broached. The 2018 season is almost upon us, the first year driving for Roger Penske, the youth movement in NASCAR. Instead, the tweet that captured fans.


Granted, Blaney's hair and mustache have been the subject of many posts and memes since he started growing out the locks back at the beginning of 2017. It got to the mullet stage, then kept going. In a March interview with Fox Sports, Blaney said he's held polls on Twitter asking fans if he should get it cut, but the polls came out 50-50.

"And then Kasey (Kahne) said I should go to Great Clips (to get it cut). That's one of his sponsors. I told him I'd go and that I accept gift cards because he's got the hookup there," Blaney said. "But I don't know. I'll be told to get it cut pretty soon. I'll wait for that moment."

That moment never came. While not saying why the time was now, Blaney followed up the tweet by Texas Motor Speedway with one of his own.

Fans watching this unfold on Twitter were quick to point out that Blaney can make good come from his "sacrifice".

At this point, no particulars as to where or when or what he plans to do with his hair. I'm sure it will hit social media with the first snip.