This is what an outsider thinks of a NASCAR weekend

To someone who has never been to a NASCAR race, it can seem boring. "They only turn left, right?" We've heard it time and time again and always from someone who has never been properly introduced to the culture, the community, the shear adrenaline rush known as stock car racing.

David Patterson, gives us an up-close look at what going to a NASCAR race as an outsider is really all about. David admits right from the beginning that he had only attended one race, and it was when he was very young. He considers himself an outsider, so the video gives someone like him some great insight on the real deal.

David's video of course shows off the sound, the speed and the competition of the race, but he also gives you a look at something you can't get from watching on TV. He shows you the engineering, the team work and the sense of family you get when going to one of these events.

NASCAR fans are the type of people who will get up early, bring a camper, a cooler, some meat, and a grill and have the time of their life before the event even begins. It's truly an experience you have to see to believe.

If you like NASCAR, watch the video. If you don't like NASCAR, then seriously watch the video.

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