NASCAR sponsor gives the sports some excellent news, sees long-term partnership

When many NASCAR sponsors are weighing their commitment in the coming years, one stands out for growing theirs.

Nickelodeon has long has its corporate hands in NASCAR, but the entertainment conglomerate sees more potential.

"We have a lot of really great shows, current and past, that would play really well in NASCAR," says Anthony DiCosmo, Sr VP of Sports Marketing and Development at Nickelodeon tells NASCAR's Andrew Kurland. "I definetely think you're going to see more stuff from us in the not too distant future. I'd love to see some really great stuff from the 90's come back."

Nickelodeon has sponsored individual cars, but jumped into being a race title sponsor with the SpongeBob SquarePants 400 at Kansas Speedway in 2015. They built on that by sponsoring the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 400 in Chicago in 2016 and this season. And according to DiCosmo, sliming Martin Truex, Jr. after his win is just the beginning.

"There's something really unique about the opportunity to work in NASCAR. There's very few sports that allows you to penetrate into their culture like we just did, which is a great example. I don't know who is going to be that willing to push the envelope."

DiCosmo says he sees NASCAR reaching out to tap that younger fan base, which falls right in line with Nickelodeon's objectives.