Kyle Larson admits something that was obvious during The Clash at Daytona


Early on in The Clash at Daytona, it was clear that the new aerodynamics of the 2018 cars were making drivers work much harder to keep under control. Kyle Larson's car was obviously affected, and he had a great save when his car got loose early in the race.

During NASCAR media day, the save came up again. When given props by's Kim Coon during a live streamed interview, Larson downplayed the skill involved, saying, "I was just hanging on."

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"My car is a hand full," he went on to say. "I learned that a lot of people are probably going to be scared to be around me."

Larson wasn't the only one who was struggling with a very loose car, as a few cars were noticed sliding around during the broadcast.

Having a new chassis with Chevy likely added to the difficulty of setting up the car, but Larson made it clear that improvements need to be made.

"My car's hard to drive, hopefully we can fix that," He said. "I was scared the whole time, my car is hard to drive by itself, then you get into the draft and it's really hard."


Of course, Joey Logano, who was sitting right next to Larson and drives a Ford, chimed in, "My car handled pretty good!" So maybe Larson just needs to have a talk with his team.