NASCAR has reached a decision on Kyle Busch's crew chief and tire changer


Kyle Busch finished 16th at Dover International Speedway last Sunday, but members of his crew received far worse news on Wednesday.

NASCAR handed out four-race suspensions for Busch's crew chief, tire changer, and tire carrier after a tire rolled off of the driver's car during the race.

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Busch made a pit stop during the race, but the crew didn't attach the left wheel tire properly.

In the video above, Clint Bowyer can be heard saying, "that's a four-week suspension." Spotter Derek Keeland said, "Oh my god, someone's gotta go over and listen to (Busch's) freakin' radio. He's gotta be losing his (expletive)."

When they tuned in to Busch's radio, there was nothing but silence.

Crew chief Adam Stevens, tire changer Jacob Seminara, and tire carrier Kenneth Barber are eligible to return on July 3.


The entire video is humorous to listen to as Jimmie Johnson picked up his third win of the season at Dover.