Kyle Busch thought he would never win again after a bad wreck


Kyle Busch is no stranger to droughts. He's had a couple winless stretches throughout his career that he touched on in a video from FoxSports.

He had some worrying stretches, like in 2014 after winning at California or 2017 when he had no wins early in the season before finally winning at Pocono.

Any winless stretch can bring doubt to a racer's mind, but a stretch in 2015 was the scariest because of what kicked it off: A big wreck at Daytona that left Busch with a broken leg and foot.

He says that after that particular wreck, he was seriously wondering if his driving career was over.


It might seem laughable that a driver of Busch's caliber would be worried about falling off even when running well in races, but that is the nature of the sport. These drivers are just people, and it is natural to wonder when things are not going well if they will ever turn around.

Being able to push through that and let it fuel the desire to win even more is a reason professional drivers can do what they do. Even after a terrifying crash.

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