john crist nascar post-race interview
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Comedian Pokes Fun at NASCAR Post-Race Interviews in Hilarious Video


Stop what you're doing, and watch this video right now. Regardless of your opinion on NASCAR, you have to admit, this is just funny. We've all heard those post-race interviews, and you're a stone-cold liar if you say that you can't see the similarities to the video above. No matter who the driver is, you'll get a little bit of these mannerisms in just about every interview.

John Crist is the comedian behind the clip, and he blessed us with this hilarious video back in 2017. The beginning will make you chuckle, but it only gets better as it goes on. It's the little things that make this so great. Of course, he films the video right next to his car with a sweat towel draped over his shoulder as if he just finished the race. He starts explaining how the race went, and his banter just sounds oh so familiar.

I'll be honest, when he said, "I just looked up at that blue sky, sponsored by Jesus" I just about lost it. The sponsors always come first, and those name drops always make their way into the interviews. John makes sure to name dozens of them in his short one-minute video. That's not all, though. Just watch closely to the items on top of the car's roof. You'll notice the sponsors quickly begin to grow, and pretty soon, he has a whole lineup of products behind him.


I'd say John hit the nail on the head with this one. I mean, did you really win if you didn't name every single one of your sponsors? Mix that with the typical conversation about tire condition, competitors, and getting ready for next week's race, and that pretty much gives you the script for how these drivers act in their victory interview. If you liked this one, John has tons of other bits on his YouTube channel.

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