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Brad Keselowski, as a full-time NASCAR Cup Series driver and part-time NASCAR Xfinity Series driver, has had quite the successful racing career. Winning the Cup Series championship for Team Penske back in 2012, the Rochester Hills, Michigan native has over 70 total wins under his belt.

Now, when you’re a NASCAR champion, you need a strong other half in order to make a relationship work. Keselowski found his, and made it official back in 2017, when he married his longtime girlfriend Paige White.

Now, Paige actually comes from a racing background. Born and raised in North Carolina, she’s the daughter of an IndyCar driver named Louis White. After meeting each other, Brad and Paige continued living their ideal racing lifestyle, but their relationship was put through the test, after their first child Scarlett dealt with some serious health issues early on.

Scarlett Keselowski’s Health Problems

Shortly after the birth of their daughter Scarlett, Brad and his wife Paige learned that she was diagnosed with severe laryngomalacia, a life-threatening condition that involves congenital softening of the tissues of the larynx. This condition would eventually restrict her ability to eat and breathe on her own.


Although this was a tough time, Paige stayed strong throughout the whole process. They spoke with countless doctors about their best options, and eventually landed on bringing Scarlett to the Mayo Clinic.

Emergency life-saving surgery was performed at this clinic only a day after her original diagnosis. Their quick actions and the talented doctors involved concluded with a successful surgery, saving Scarlett Keselowski’s life.

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New Beginnings for the Keselowski Family

After making it through their challenging situation with their daughter, it was clear these two could get through just about anything. This eventually led to the beautiful ceremony for their marriage in 2017.


As if this wasn’t a happy enough beginning, Brad and Paige had another big accomplishment in 2019, when they had their second daughter, Autumn. They’ve definitely had an eventful last couple of years, and I won’t lie, it seems like an emotional rollercoaster, but they are embracing every moment of it and continuing to live their best lives. I have to give Paige credit for positively taking on everything that she has over the years.


On Brad and Paige’s social media accounts, you can find tons of pictures and videos of both their happy family. It’s clear that their kids are the light of the couple’s lives, which should be no surprise. Even though everyone’s been dealing with the fallout from the COVID pandemic, these two seemed to have had a solid 2020.

Two healthy kids, a supportive wife, and a champion race car driver. That’s pretty much the ideal family. I wish Brad and Paige the best of luck as they continue down the road of parenthood together, and hopefully, Keselowski can reel in even more NASCAR wins for 2021.

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