John Cena will never sell the beater he bought with his first WWE paycheck

John Cena is the man. Even if wrestling (Or mediocre acting) isn't your thing, you have to respect a guy who loves such a piece of junk. Cena bought a Jeep with his first WWE paycheck, still has it and says he will never get rid of it. Truly a man after our own heart.

It is great when a celebrity doesn't lose sight of where he comes from, even better when where he comes from is a beat-up old wrangler. He says this car brings him the most joy out of all the cars he has covered on his Youtube series, which has included a Ford GT, A Gull-winged Mercedes SLS AMG and a Rolls Royce Phantom.

0-60 in 23 seconds? Good Enough for John! Don't ever change, Mr. Cena.

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