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This Modified Twin-Turbo Jeep Is Fast, Loud, and a Drag Strip Menace


Here in America, we love speed. The faster and louder, the better. We have created a multi-million dollar industry around making automobiles go faster and testing how fast they could go. People have pushed just about every type of automobile to its limits to answer one of society's most important questions: just how fast can this thing go?

The result of this race to increase speed has been the birth of some extremely creative modified vehicles. The desire to modify vehicles has produced super sedans, tricked-out trucks, and now a twin-turbo Jeep. What better way to fully enjoy insane acceleration than a stripped-down twin-turbo Jeep?

Deathtrap Willy's twin-turbo machine is the Captain America of drag racing. Check out this no-holds-barred Jeep commando as he drives to victory on the drag strip. With consistent 10-second passes, this twin-turbo LS Jeep looks as good as it performs. Tricked out in silver and chrome, this stock LM7 only has an additional 10 pounds of boost, but it still holds its own during drag week.


This Jeep is ingenious. True gearheads salivate while it pulls off and roars as it tears up the strip. Jeeps are ideal for feeling the breeze and fully experiencing the bond between man and machine. This monster looks more like a dune buggy than a Jeep, thanks to all the work done to it.

Being an American is about innovation, creation, and breaking new ground. This Jeep perfectly represents everything we stand for as gearheads and Americans. What's the point of having access to all this amazing technology if we aren't trying to reach new heights? Deathtrap Willy's twin-turbo Jeep is as American as it gets. It's fast, it's loud, and it feels like freedom.

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This article was originally published on April 9th, 2019.


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