Softball size hail explodes around these cars and take off a windshield


In what can only be described as some of the largest hail I've ever seen, we were treated to a battle between auto glass and massive hail. Needless to say the glass didn't stand a chance.

A storm rolled through Wichita, KS some years ago and it brought some gigantic hailstones with it. It appeared to be between baseball and softball sized chunks. LiveLeak user trucatfan, shared the video, showing the absolute carnage that fell from the sky on that stormy day.

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If you skip ahead to the two minute mark, the larger stones begin falling and unfortunately onto his neighbor's car. First, one smashed through the windshield of the Pontiac Sunfire, and before long the driver side window was completely busted out.


Trucatfan also shared that he ended up with 96 holes in the roof of his home, with 24 of them being large enough to fit his fist through.

It took an entire year to settle with the insurance company.