Ghe-O RESCUE is the King of all ATVs

Ghe-O Motors in a company based in Romania that specializes in racing and off roading experience vehicles. One of their largest triumphs was in 2013 when they debuted the Ghe-O RESCUE.

RESCUE is the ideal solution for transportation, medical support and fire extinguish capabilities on all terrains and in all weather. You can fit water pumps for firefighters, pneumatic pillows filled by a 620-liter water tank to float over water or snow, tracks over the rear wheels, a foldable top cargo section, a medical stretcher with side-door access, a plow system, and even GPS. The heavy duty transmission with lockable axles is powered by engines that can be on petrol (performance version) 340 to 500 bhp, or diesel 218 bhp or 304 bhp. For military use, the engines can have extra electromagnetic and water protection. Up to 11 people can sit on board the 3 ton monster, and you can spec many different accessories to suit your superhero needs.


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