NASCAR pit crews look like they are stuck in molasses compared to these guys

If you happen to be watching the Formula 1 race in Austin, Texas this weekend instead of NASCAR, whether you had a choice or not, pay special attention to how the series does its pit stops.

Fast. They do them FAST. Above is the fastest stop of the last Formula 1 race at The Baku City Circuit, which is also among the fastest ever in the sport. Obviously, this stop is much faster than average since the car didn't have to wait to take on fuel, but regardless, the speed of the tire changes are astounding. It is not a one to one comparison, of course, with NASCAR stock cars having individual lug nuts instead of center locking nuts and stricter rules about when the pit crew can come over the wall, and having to do one side at a time.

Both sports are impressive to watch how quickly these crews perform their work, but some of these F1 stops are truly unbelievable.

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