Ford F150 pickups by Joe Raedle Getty Images

American's lovefest with F-150 played out in video


Americans have an infatuation with pickup trucks. What else explains all the songs written about a truck? It's a symbol that stands for independence, strength, working and playing hard, getting dirty and not caring.

So add Donut Media to the lovefest list. The Ford F-150 lovefest to be exact. The auto and motorsports website posted a video to YouTube that pays homage to the best-selling U.S. vehicle of all time. That point that is stressed - not just the best-selling pickup, but the best-selling vehicle ever.

"On average, Ford sells two trucks every minute," the video proclaims.


Once you get past the first minute of hype, the video is actually pretty interesting, delving into the history of Ford's line of trucks. Didn't know the first truck was called the Model TT after the Model T on which it was based.

Ford led the way in innovation of the pickup, introducing 4-wheel drive as a factory-built feature and designing new suspensions that could handle what drivers were dishing out.

The Ford F-100 was the standard of pickup trucks until 1975 when the F-150 was introduced. And the rest, as they say, is history.