Brad Keselowski's father Bob and grandfather and uncle in a 1969 photo from Talladega.

A fan brightens Brad Keselowski's day with a rare find


Social media is good for following and engaging with your favorite NASCAR driver, but sometimes it's good for making his day.

Case in point. This tweet from Dane and Tracy Nagel directed at Brad Keselowski. It's a picture from nearly 50 years ago.

The picture shows Keselowski's dad, Bob, and his uncle and grandfather working on an engine on the rear gate of a pickup. Brad recognized the picture right away.


It's clear the picture means a lot to Kes. He says it's the only picture with all three of them. He goes on to explain that his dad's team, K-Automotive, was preparing to race in the NASCAR Grand National Series inaugural Talladega 500 (now known as the Alabama 500), but the engine blew in practice. The three men had to make a quick road trip to North Carolina and back with a new engine in time for the race.

Didn't help a whole lot. Homer Newland was behind the wheel and had a decent starting position of 8 out of a field of 36. NASCAR records show Newland had to pull out due to engine trouble and finished 27th overall.