Here's how the Jeep Trackhawk comes from the factory faster than a Dodge Demon

When is 707 greater than 840? And when is an SUV faster than a drag car? Pretty much only when a Jeep Trackhawk takes on a Dodge Demon. Unbelievable, right? Well believe it. The 707 horsepower, seven passenger Trackhawk SUV has a top speed of 180, while the 840 horse Demon only has a top speed of 168.

The physics involved here don't clear anything up. The heavier, less powerful, less aerodynamic vehicle should not have a higher top speed. It doesn't make sense.

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Until you consider the tires.

Now it all makes sense. In order to get unreal acceleration and the front tires off the ground at the strip, a very sticky, somehow street legal drag tire has to be used on the Demon, and those specialty tires are rated to, surprise, 168 mph.

Obviously a manufacturer cannot allow the car to travel faster than its stock tires can handle, so they limit the car to its top speed of "only" 168. Take a Demon, slap on different tires and remove the limiter, and the Trackhawk loses its advantage. And all is right in the world again. Sir Newton was worried there for a second.

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