Danica Patrick, preparing for the Daytona 500, has one regret


Danica Patrick got her wish -- she's ending her NASCAR career at the Daytona 500.

But there is one thing she regrets -- she wishes she would have run in the Clash, which had practice today and the race on Sunday.

At a press availability on Saturday, Patrick said she would have liked to drive at the Clash, but her ride with Premium Motorsports came together too late.

"Yes" she said about wanting to run the Clash. "It's just that it all came together too late. And in fact, thinking about what we should have done came together too late. I was thinking to myself we should have run the backup car at The Clash. That way, we don't want to crash the primary anyway, so we're going to be careful ... and then don't have to worry about practicing too hard because you will have already had Clash race."


From a competition standpoint, she noted that this is the same way she started last season. She went from the last race of 2016 to the first race of 2017 with almost nothing in between.

But at least she'll have practice.

(H/T Matt Weaver)