Danica Patrick is preparing for the inevitable

While NASCAR CEO Brian France is still holding out hope that Danica Patrick can find sponsorship and a ride to continue racing next year, Patrick herself is in a good place even if that doesn't happen.

Racing is still her first choice, but Danica won't just be sitting around the house waiting for a call if it doesn't materialize soon. She is fully prepared to pivot to running her various businesses if it comes down to it.

Patrick has been preparing for that possibility for a while.

"These loves of mine that have manifested into businesses, they aren't new to me," Patrick said via The Star-Telegram. "I've been working out since I was 14. I learned how to cook and drink wine, legally, during my time living on my own in England when I was 17 ... I remember cutting my clothes up in third grade when I didn't like them."

Over the past year, she turned those interests she had as a teenager into business opportunities by writing a book about health and fitness, starting a clothing line and even releasing her own wine.

Taking control of her post racing life is important to Partrick, whether that comes this year or down the line. She says:

"You have to love what you're doing and have your whole heart into it, or else it might not happen. I think it's a matter of evaluating options and being honest about what makes the most sense.

"At this point, you never want to say never to anything, because you never how how some of these opportunities might work out. I'm an all-in sort of person... and I want to be the architect of my life."

She will have to stop racing at some point, it is a good idea to be prepared for it when it happens.

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