Danica Patrick couldn't stay out of trouble at Sonoma


A rough day for Danica Patrick got even worse, but even she didn't receive the worst part of this crash.

On lap 31, Patrick, Dale Earnhardt Jr., and Kyle Larson attempted to go three-wide entering Turn 4. As a result, Larson bumped into Earnhardt, who bumped into Patrick for the second time during the race.

Patrick then hit Ricky Stenhouse Jr., and the collision gave his car severe damage. The damage knocked him out of the race.

Here's the view of the crash from Patrick's car.


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Stenhouse officially finished last in the race. He already has a win this season, so he is locked into the playoffs.

After he was out, he said it was a "bummer" to end the race that way, according to FOX Sports.


"I didn't need to see the replay, I was sitting in the seat," Stenhouse said. "They were three-wide in front of us trying to go through Turn 4, which never works. They were all dive-bombing each other and then the 10 (Patrick) got spinning and I tried to go low and she just kept coming down the track. We just clipped it a little bit and tore the left front up too bad to continue."

Patrick, Earnhardt and Larson were able to continue despite the contact.

(h/t FOX Sports)