Dale Earnhardt Jr. can't seem to shake his slump


Dale Earnhardt has struggled throughout last season in the NASCAR Cup Series, and his troubles continued early at Sonoma.

Earnhardt Jr. was right behind Danica Patrick during the first stage at Sonoma Raceway when he lost control of his vehicle. He spun across the track and ended up blocking Patrick's vehicle.

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The wreck was minor, but the caution flag came out and the drivers were forced to restart.

Jeff Gordon thought Earnhardt Jr. made a great move, and he said Patrick "left just enough open," but he might have hit the brakes too hard.

Neither Earnhardt nor Patrick have won a race this year, and both are in jeopardy of missing the postseason.

This has not been the farewell season Earnhardt Jr. was hoping on his way out of NASCAR, but there's still some time left in the season for him to pick up a win.