Dale Jr. raves about NASCAR's young talent but notes they face a big challenge


Heading into the 2018 NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Series season we will see a lot of fresh faces, as well as some familiar ones.

But one thing that absolutely will be missed from a popularity standpoint is the presence of Dale Earnhardt Jr., Matt Kenseth, and Danica Patrick. All three of the drivers are on the NASCAR top selling merchandise top-20 list, with Earnhardt at the top spot, Patrick in the seventh spot, and Kenseth in the 13th position.

There's no doubt there will be a void to fill, but Earnhardt believes there's plenty of talent to go around and the sport will be fine in that aspect.

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When recently asked via Twitter which he thought to be more important --  personality or performance   -- Earnhardt responded that both are equally important.

Earnhardt acknowledges the level of talent currently in the field for the upcoming season and says the group has personalty; it's just a matter of conveying it.

If this group of young drivers can take their talent on the racetrack and combine it with personalities the fans are drawn to, then there's no doubt the future of NASCAR will be bright for years to come. Here's to big hopes for 2018 and even bigger results.