Dale Earnhardt Jr tells about all the drivers he's wrecked on purpose

The biggest story of the week was Denny Hamlin wrecking Chase Elliott at the end of the race in Martinsville. Dale Earnhardt Jr. sounds unfazed by the incident, however, saying: "I'd be surprised if there is a driver that hasn't intentionally wrecked somebody at some point in their career."

He took the opportunity to look back on all the times he has taken someone out himself.

Even more interesting are the reasons he has spun someone out. He doesn't mention a reason for his first example, but for the rest, the reasons are surprisingly not all about revenge.

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Junior says he spun Stanton Barrett in 1998 because he needed to pit for tires and wanted to do it under caution.

Kasey Kahne was sent around by Earnhardt in 2004, but that was mostly an accident. Dale said he was just trying to bump him out of his way.

In fact, the only incident he admits was for payback was Kyle Busch in 2008 after Dale says Busch wrecked him earlier in the year.

He even got fined for intentionally wrecking himself at Bristol!

And those are just the ones he remembers.

It seems no one is safe when Junior is on the track, and he is one of the more well liked drivers. Imagine how many times some of these other drivers have taken people out.