Should Chase Elliott retaliate after Denny Hamlin's dirty move at Martinsville?

Now that the dust has settled following Chase Elliott and Denny Hamlin's heated exchanged at Martinsville, the two playoff drivers have to shift their focus to this Sunday's race at Texas Motor Speedway.

But it will be impossible for Elliott to forget what Hamlin did. Elliott had a chance to win his first career race, and Hamlin ended those chances with a dirty move to spin Elliott out. Hamlin has since apologized, but that apology won't retroactively give Elliott a win and move him into the championship race at Homestead.

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There are two races remaining in the Round of 8, and both Hamlin and Elliott are on the outside looking in at the moment. NASCAR fans will be watching those two drivers intently throughout Sunday's race to see if there's another incident between the two, which begs the question...

Should Chase Elliott retaliate?

If that incident had occurred in an old school NASCAR race, there's a good chance Hamlin wouldn't survive the next race. But Elliott wouldn't even criticize Hamlin in his post race interview, and he doesn't seem like the type to go out of his way to spin Hamlin out on Sunday.

But if an opportunity presents itself, should Elliott enact revenge on Hamlin? Doing so might also have a negative impact on Elliott during the race, and it could even lead to a penalty if he retaliates in an obvious way.

The best possible revenge for Elliott would to win the race and advance to the final four while Hamlin is eliminated. Elliott has had one of the fastest cars throughout the playoffs, and he's been very close to winning his first Cup Series race. If he advances while Hamlin doesn't, he would get the last laugh.

We'll leave this one up to the NASCAR fans and let them decide.

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