Driver accuses rival of "driving straight into me"

What was it about the Malaysian Grand Prix that caused so much contact between drivers.

We have the post-race collision between Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll (See Related story), and the in-race collision between Esteban Ocon and Carlos Sainz...and no driver, in either case, is taking responsibility.

For Ocon, it was his second contact of the race. The Formula 1 driver tells that he had contact on the first lap with Felipe Massa that punctured his tire. That forced pit stop dropped him to 7th.

Ocon was trying to make up ground and making a move on Sainz when the contact happened.

"I tried to overtake Carlos and, I don't know what he did, but he just locked up and drove straight into me," Ocon said.

Sainz disputes that, saying it was Ocon who closed the turn too quickly.

"We obviously were fighting for position and we both braked extremely late into Turn 1 and then he started closing, closing, closing on me and I didn't have any more steering and we just collided a bit and we spun."

Ocon managed to finish the race in 10th place, Sainz did not finish due to engine trouble.