atv conquers unclimable hill
YouTube: MadRam11

ATV Conquers "Unclimbable Hill"

Rock bouncing is like rock climbing, only with more diesel fuel and land erosion. Competitors throw themselves up some of nature's most insane rock formations in ATVs and UTVs for a chance to make it to the top of the hill and win the bounty prize, which creates a ton of awesome action that you'll have to see for yourself. Among these formations, the most infamous challenge is The Unclimbable RZR Hill, which has created an impressive amount of carnage in its lifetime.

However, STR8UP SXS's Unclimbable Hill was, in fact, eventually climbed in 2017 when three rock bouncers -- Tim Cameron, Brandon Davis, and Clayton Hollingsworth -- managed to launch themselves up the steep grade. Even so, this gnarly hill has become somewhat of a legend in the rock bouncing world. Can-Am, Polaris RZR, and Honda-driving rock bouncers alike come from all over to participate in this extreme hill climb elimination challenge.

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The Unclimbable RZR Hill

Tim Cameron was the very first to make it up the unclimbable hill, which is also known as the Screwdriver. If you're looking for more videos of the nastiest SxS bounty hills, ATV hill climbs, or other obscure sports challenges, be sure to checkout MadRam11's YouTube channel. They've got tons of tumbles, falls, spin-outs, and, occasionally, successful hill top-outs.

The Screwdriver Unclimbable RZR Hill is located in Stony Lonesome Offroad Park in Alabama, so if you live in the area or are passing through, be sure to check out competition dates! Competitions happen throughout the year, and you can check official dates on the Southern Rock Racing's website.

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