$450,000,000 Super yacht has 300 ft tall masts and is longer than 9 subway cars


Meet 'Sailing Yacht A,' Germany's ridiculous super yacht. While it may have the most boring name in existence, Sailing Yacht A is packed to the gills with unbelievable luxury features you won't find anywhere else. This $450 million ship is longer than nine New York subway cars and features three 300 foot tall carbon fiber masts that make it the tallest free-standing composite structure in the world. It's an electric-diesel hybrid with each diesel engine cranking out 4,800 hp and two electric motors rated for 4,300 kWh a piece. Being so big, this yacht needs to take it slow with a max speed no greater than 24 mph. That should give you plenty of time to party since it can host up to 20 guests and a crew of 54! Watch it leave the shipyard in the video above and you can truly appreciate the size of this monster!