<> on April 30, 2016 in New York, New York.

Toyota wants to shame young people into driving safely



Toyota has an interesting idea on how to keep young drivers from messing with their phones or even speeding. The Safe and Sound app is designed to embarrass teens into compliance. It's a pretty clever idea, if the young driver speeds or tries to use their phone, the music player will switch to the parent's playlist, making the poor kid look uncool in front of their friends, the ultimate punishment.

The app has some obvious flaws. The driver can always turn the radio down or switch to another source of music. Also, what if the kid's parents are, like, totally groovy themselves and their music isn't as embarrassing as Toyota thinks? #Notallparents.

The fact that the app is easily defeated or ignored aside, this is a pretty novel idea by Toyota. It won't work, but it gave them a decently funny commercial so, good work!


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