This is How Ferrari's F1-Banned Trick Intake Works


Variable length intake runners have been around for over 50 years, but, for the LaFerrari's 800 hp v-12 engine, Ferrari took the technology a step further. Originally developed for F1 racing before it was banned, Ferrari's system uses what they call "Continuously Variable Length Intake Tracks" to constantly optimize intake runner length and, as a result, engine efficiency. A remarkable piece of engineering, consistently altering the intake length starting around 6,000 RPM takes full advantage of the "supercharging effect" that can produce volumetric efficiency of over 100%.

It really is unfortunate that this system was banned because, even though it did find its was into a road car, the point of F1 is to develop engineering like this that can eventually trickle down to everyday applications. Who knows what other pioneering tech was abandoned because it didn't fall in line with F1's restrictions.

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